Expo: Christian Dior, Paris impression

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is currently hosting a Dior expo, displaying a vast collection of beautiful gowns & ensembles. If you’d like to see it yourself you’ll have to hurry though. The expo opened in July and finishes on the 7th of January 2018.

I love going to couture expos and getting an upclose look at all the little details on the outfits.

Getting into the expo was quite a feat though.

On Saturday we stopped by the museum around 3pm, foolishly assuming getting in wouldn’t take too long.
However when we arrived there was quite a line outside. Museum staff were warning people queuing at the back of the line that waiting would probably be futile, since the wait time was longer than the time left that the museum would be open.

We decided to come back on Sunday, before opening time, as suggested. We arrived around 10 am, but there was already a line that nearly wrapped around the corner.
After about 4 hours of waiting outside in a light drizzle & barely 6°C, we finally got into the Dior expo.
Hey, once you’re past the 2 hours waiting mark you kind of want to see it through. Considering the expo was the whole reason we came to Paris in the first place, I really didn’t want to leave without actually seeing it.

The expo itself was quite big, with a lot of fashion on display, photography, sketches & mini prototypes of ensembles.

I absolutely love the exaggerated waist of the Dior silhouette. The suit outfits are a classic, but there were also some gowns with a waist/hip shape I hadn’t seen before.

One of my favourite Dior gowns was also on display, the Junon gown.
Seeing all the little sequins stitched onto the fabric confirms how truly impressive the hand work is.

All in all we took about 2 hours to tour the whole expo. I’m so glad we visited it, despite the waiting time and how crowded it was. Perhaps it was exceptionally busy because we did go during the weekend. But I’d recommend stopping by around opening time to assess the queue, just to be sure you’ll get in.


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