Review: Saal Digital wall decor

I discovered Saal Digital via an ad on instagram, promoting their current offer of a 50€ discount on their wall decors in exchange for a review.
I’ve been dying to get some photo’s printed nice and big, so of course I took them up on their offer.


Decisions, decisions, what material to print on from all the options they have to offer.
Even though I was really curious to see the acrylic glass option, I didn’t think that it would work with the photo I chose. I preferred a matte finish for this photo, so I went with a 75x50cm Alu-Dibond print.  It’s a nice, sturdy material with not too much glare when light hits it. Exactly what I wanted.
If you’d like something a little bit more vibrant and shiny I’d perhaps look at one of the other options, as this finish is very matte.


The color & contrast turned out as expected. Before I sent off my print I downloaded the available ICC profile for the Alu-Dibond and proofed the colors in Photoshop. That showed me that the image was probably going to be printed with less contrast on this material. So before I sent it off I upped the black point a little bit.

I’d say that the black & white has a very slight greenish tint to it though. Which isn’t particularly noticeable, unless you put another black & white next to it

Print close-up

I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to pick this photo to be printed on a 75×50, because the original file of this photo was actually fairly small. So I was in doubt if the pixels would become too noticeable from being sized up.

From about a meter away it’s perfectly fine, no obvious loss of image quality. Upon closer inspection you’ll notice the somewhat rough grain and a slight loss in sharpness.
This is entirely due to the photo I chose though. I knew I was pushing it on how big I could size up this particular photo. From other reviews I’ve read I have no doubt that a higher quality image to begin with would be printed  beautifully by Saal Digital.

Something to note for next time. What I tend to do is add extra grain to my images. With this image the grain was already added, and then scaled up. I think the grain itself would have more pleasing results if I had resized the image before the grain, and then add it.


Turn around time was much faster than the site said. I believe my order was printed and shipped within 2 days after I placed my order.
The print arrived in a cardboard box larger than the print itself. The print was extra secured with some foam on the printed side, and wrapped in plastic to protect from moisture. They also added some extra buffers inside of the box so that the print couldn’t bounce around during shipping and have the corners damaged that way.

In conclusion:

I would definitely order from them again. The material is sturdy and the photo printed as expected.  Shipping was fast and securely.  And their customer service was there to assist while I placed my order.



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